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The Poetry of Sex: "First Time"

How fast and superficial this world has become! It took me 10 years to finally appreciate that moment, the beauty and the wonder of it - my first time. I have often thought about the day. I have even written about it but I never stopped for a moment to take it all in, to feel the intensity of it all. After all, it was my first time. My first time experiencing an act that I was biologically programmed for, an act that is as beautiful and enigmatic, irrespective of how you look at it. Look at it from the eyes of a lover and its passion. Observe it as a scientist and you see evolution. But for a couple of 15-year-olds, it was sheer adventure, something new something they yearned for. When people talk about sex, they make the mistake of thinking about it just as a deed. The adjective describing this deed in their opinion is decided by various factors like their upbringing, their cultural ideas about sex. But for a man and a woman wrapped in each other arms, sex is more than a d

The Forbidden Fruit

I am not a fan of philosophy but I can't help speculating on certain concepts. The forbidden fruit, for instance. I have noticed it in myself, the urge to do things I am not supposed to. Its like right and wrong just seize to exist in that moment, that decisive moment when an opportunity to do something forbidden presents itself. I am a pretty level headed guy. I avoid rash decisions as much as possible. But I have done some crazy shit in my time, most of them because I wasn't supposed to do them and that made them irresistible. Be it a devilish greasy pizza loaded with cheese or your girlfriends flirty best friend, the urge to bite into the forbidden fruit comes in various shapes, sizes & forms. Someone once told me, "The best way to battle a temptation is to yield to it." I had laughed at the statement back then but now that I am older, I think that logic makes a lot of sense. I think not being able to resist the forbidden fruit is a basic instinct,

My Ailment...

For as long as I can remember, I have been depressed. I look happy and at times, I really am. But the happiness doesn't last long. I go back to my state of dismay. I have tried to understand it and failed. Something inside me keeps me sad. And it doesn't change. I just get distracted from it for short periods of time.  The distractions come in various shapes and forms. In the beginning, it was a person. And then it was a crisis. Now, its stories, one after another. I have to immerse myself in fiction to stop feeling sad. The first distraction was a girl. And eventually, my fights with her kept me distracted. One crisis after another, I remember. We kept getting into trouble.  Over time, nobody else could distract me like she did. So I had to resort to other substitutes. Problems. I realized that I forget my depression when am in trouble. But eventually, I grew over that as well. I was getting 'too old for that crap". Ha ha. So I started watching movies