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The Scented Love Letter...

You don't see a lot of love letters these days. Its a pity how so many staples of the last generations are eventually becoming redundant due to new technology. Receiving a love letter on email while equally titillating for a person in love, will never hold the nostalgic value of a piece of paper with eternal markings of love. A love letter, even when its torn to bits is still a piece of history for its recipient. Will an email ever hold that kind of value? It was way back in 2004, I think when I received my first love letter. It was anonymous, just a few generic words on an Archie's card. But the card was scented. Roses, I remember. It smelt like roses. Now I have never been a romantic, but it was an experience. One that I still remember at times. Not romantically as such, but as a fond memory. The fun fact was that I still don't know for sure who actually sent that letter. I mean, I was pretty sure who it was, but the person I suspected never really admitted to act

Instigators of Insecurity!!!

Of late, I have been coming across more and more instances that point toward the devastating effects that insecurities have on shaping a person's personality. It is terrifying how utterly irrelevant matters are capable of instigating such paralyzing insecurities in our minds. I have broached this topic in many of my earlier articles, specifically referring to my own insecurities. I think it is time we took a closer look at this demon that most of us share. For instance, an ex-girlfriend of mine faced a lot of ridicule at the hands of her classmates in school for being too "thin". This made her insecure about her build and that insecurity stayed with her till she met me. I pointed out to her the fact that all supermodels are slim and people all around are body-shamed for being plump. I have been called names like "Yeti" and "Daanav" for being tall and heavy. But this article is not just about body shaming and its effects. It is about the effect

Netiquette For The Elderly...

My grandparents never adapted to the technologies of the new millennium. Even my uncle is not really tech-savvy and doesn’t have any social media presence. But I do. The whole technological revolution happened in front of my eyes. The social media scene came into existence during my teens and it became an integral part of my lifestyle pretty quickly. Be it Yahoo Chatrooms, Orkut, hi5, or Facebook, at some point or the other I have used them all. Online messaging apps became a big thing a couple of years ago and now, people in organizations are using WhatsApp for conversations which were earlier meant only for company email. It is definitely a huge revolution and the merits of online social media are unlimited but it is also being misused a lot. That is, but natural and doesn’t bother me much. Systems are being put in place to check that misuse. What actually bothers me is the lack of Netiquette among people, especially a few elderly people who have taken to social media recentl