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Agenda & Action...

I don't claim to be an expert in anything. That would just be arrogance. But I write about things I have seen and experienced and hence I feel that I have the right to discuss it. I have spent the last year in the trade wing of a readymade garment brand. And I realised that all plans and agendas that are agreed upon in the beginning of a period are invariably flushed down the toilet by the end of that period. The bottom line is always sales. How much are we selling at the end? So much so that, for the company I work for, nothing else matters, not even the satisfaction of the buyer. And the most ridiculous thing about it all is the fact that the buyers are harangued to pay for goods that was billed to them without their full consent. Promises are made and not kept. And all this is done by the representatives of a very prestigious company. All this happens after months of endless reports, analysis and crunching of data. How can a company carry on neglecting the basi

I Am Back...

I think a month has passed since I last posted. I have been busy. Had to travel a lot in the past few weeks. But its all good. So the other day, my phone finally died. It had been a faithful companion for over two years. I knew its time was close so there wasn't much grief. I went online to find me a new companion. I chose the OnePlus One. In fact, I am posting from my phone right now. It feels quite wholesome. You know how negative I can get at times. So I was quite skeptical at first about this device. But the amazing specs won me over. Anyways I think I will come back with a review soon. For now, I just wanna let you all know that I am alive and kicking. Ciao!!