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Shut Up & Kiss Me...

Not all relationships are meant to be great love stories, some are just destined to be flings. While love stories make it to the printed page, flings are often forgotten and flushed down the memory lane. This story would have had a similar fate, had this happened to anyone else. But if you meet a writer who's hit a block, and pour your heart out about that girl who just wouldn't call you back, be sure he'll write about it. That's exactly what Poorab (name changed) did. I will surely take some liberties with the story while narrating it for you but will try to capture the essence of what happened as well as possible. Poorab & Ruchi were set up by over-zealous common friends. They started texting each other first, something Poorab excelled at. Especially since he had just recently broken up with his high school sweetheart. Ruchi was the morose, self-deprecating and depressed kind of girl who often finds betrayal in love. Or that was what she made him believe. Poo

Shackles for My Desire...

Measuring the degree of how much I want something has always been a challenge for me. I do understand the difference between yearning and obsession but I'm afraid my definitions may vary a little from the societal norms. You see I tend to be a little intense with my feelings. It usually plays out well for me because there's not a lot I want in life. But sometimes it becomes painful, especially when I have no control over the causality of things. That happens when its SOMEONE I'm yearning for. Because the way of the heart can be treacherous and all consuming. If I like you, I like you. There's not much in my control after that. I don't just get infatuated easily, only to be disillusioned later. I often know what I want and when I come across it, I'd pursue it through heavens and hell, through good and bad, through suffering and joy, because it's worth all that. But there's another side to it. An ugly one. I have never had things easy. And


Teri har khoobsurat jhooth ko sach maan loon, aisi maasomiyat dhoondhta hoon, Bas tera chehra dekhta hoon aur usmein aage ka rasta dhoondta hoon. Toot ke bikharna to sikha hi diya zindagi ne, ab zara simatke jeene ka hausla dhoondta hoon. Tere baahon mein aisi bhi raatein guzri ki bas sab bhula diya, main ab unmein agli subah ka sooraj bhi dhoondta hoon. Tum nibhaa na paaye rishta uska ghum nahi kiya maine, tere diye huye har jawaabon ke ab main sawaal dhoondta hoon. Thodi der ka jo saath raha tumhara, usimein khudko kho diya hai maine...ab bas tumhari ghair maujoodgi mein apni aks-e-rooh dhoondta hoon. Ye khoj, ye talaash kab khatm hogi meri, jis jheel ke saamne khada hoon, uski paani ke liye main zubaan pe apni pyaas dhoondta hoon. Jo mil jaaye aaj manzil bhi, to shaayad rukna manzoor na hoga mujhe, ab kisi aur sheher mein, koi aur hi thikana dhoondta hoon. Note - I don't usually write in Hindi but this one just wrote itself. I would have preferred