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Jay & Sunayana: Life After Her...

This is a sequel to my earlier post, "Jay & Sunayana: A Love Story". For all those who haven't read part that, here's the link  for you. It's a small article and won't take up a lot of your time. And it will give you some context here. Many might relate to my protagonist here. So read on, once you're all caught up with the first part. Jay and Sunayana had broken up a year after high school and it wasn't pretty. They had a whole falling out, what with her avoiding him for a while and then confessing to seeing someone else. He wasn't perfect either, he'd charmed a few girls too in the time when Sunayana had been giving him the cold shoulder, nothing serious though. Anyway, so when Sunayana told him they were done, his first reaction was denial and anger. He could totally understand why she had blocked him from all social media sites. Smart move, as anyone who knew Jay would tell you that he could be really unpredictable at times. An