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H is for Hyderabad...

A new place can mean new challenges or new opportunities. Life is what you make of it. I moved to Hyderabad ten days ago. And life got busier than it had been in the last few years. Apartment hunting was a pain. But the place is fun. People speak a strange accented Hindi which is very hard to describe in English. And the city is an amazing swill of cultures and religions. And "I have been busy" would be an understatement. Believe me, I have been trying to write this article since Day 2 in the city. I have always been averse to public transport, but the bus scenario here looks quite easy to access, especially while traveling between the different towns in the state. I am yet to give the city buses a try. I am actually writing this article to let you guys know I am fine. The last few days have been quite harrowing actually but the last couple of days were productive, to say the least, and things started looking up. It's a good feeling to feel accomplished and

SJC Sambalpur: Those Were the Days!!!

Before the utter anonymity of adulthood settled in, were those six wonderful years I spent at St. Joseph’s Convent Higher Secondary School, Sambalpur. The school that became a part of who I am today. The school that helped me discover myself. I joined SJC in 2001. Class 7C. It was a whole different world inside the school premises. The mediocrity of the town it is situated in has absolutely no effect on the culture & class of this school. I was overwhelmed for maybe a second, after which I knew this was where I belonged. I wasn't a great student, as far as grades were concerned, but I was sharp and an extrovert. I excelled in the subjects that I liked, English in particular. And that always kept me in teachers’ radar. And I was a major attention junkie. So, I soon found myself performing on stage on every possible occasion. And that, I feel is the greatest gift that SJC gave me. From a nervous self-doubting 11-year old to a confident optimistic 17-year old,

Writer's Block!!!

It has been ages since I last posted to this blog. I have been busy, but not as busy as to not be able to write even a simple piece. So what was the hold up then? Its what a lot of people call a “Writer’s Block“. In my case, these blocks don’t really stop my mind from creating, they just stop me from putting my thoughts into writing. Rather inconvenient, you know. I have been toying with a few ideas, but they were really good ideas. Things that could be put into a novel. I wouldn’t waste such gold on a free blog site, would I? And I mean no offence to whatever little readership this blog commands. The fact still remains that I wanna be published. I want to see my name on the cover page of a novel. And I have wanted this ever since the age of 14. I wished to be a teen sensation with a couple of bestsellers to my name before I hit college, but that didn’t happen. And it wasn’t because I couldn’t write. I could and I did. But there was always something that stopped