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Debunking Population Jihaad (YouTube Video)

Muslims reproduce with the intention of surpassing Hindus in numbers and establishing a Muslim state in India. Heard this before? So did I, growing up. Let’s debunk that conspiracy theory. This guy, posted a comment on my Hindu Khatre Mein Hai video saying Google the percentage of religion from 1947 to 2023. The insinuation – Muslims reproduce every year while Hindus are forced to stick to 2 kids. Some news outlets named this idea “Population Jihaad”. Let’s look at the numbers. Propaganda chintus will keep scaring you by saying – “Muslim population rose from 9.8% to 14.23% while Hindu population FELL from 84.1% to 79.8%.” The problem with those numbers is that they are ratios – you get a lot less scarier figure when you compare actual numbers. Look at this table. There are 112 Cr Hindus and 20 Cr Muslims today – compared to 30 Cr Hindus and 3.5 Cr Muslims in 1951. Hindu population did not FALL – it rose by 82 Cr since independence whereas Muslim population rose by a mere 16 Crs i.e. Hi

In The Name of Ram...

A while ago, I made a video questioning whether the Indian epics Ramayan and Mahabharat were historical events or mythology. It drew a lot of anger from a lot of people. The thing is – I was not always aware that I was an atheist. There was a time when I prayed to God as well – Lord Shiva actually. But I never believed the stories to be true or historical. I viewed them as mythology – which even if it ever happened, happened in some other realm or alternate reality. Because with what we know about science and our own development, we can safely assume that the magical elements in the holy books of all religions are just not possible. I thought everyone knew this – I thought everyone knew that these were stories – metaphorical mostly and meant to impart a moral lesson to the people. So, it was astonishing when a very close friend of mine became seriously offended because I questioned the authenticity of Mahabharat and hence, Shri Krishna in association.  I tried to reason with him, sayin

Deconstructing Hate & Brainwashing - Debate with a Netizen

I had a debate with a netizen over Instagram chats. It took a lot of mental strength to get through, so I thought I should share it with the world. I was fed up of people arguing over a simple comment on this post about the status of minorities in Pakistan and Bangladesh, where I had commented, “ This is why India has to be better and make a safe space for it’s minorities. We have to be better than those we criticize. We can’t use such people’s bad work to justify doing the same thing.”  Needless to say, my comment irked a lot of people. So, I shared it in a story for my followers to see…   This is when a netizen called Nikhil Agarwal replied to my story. He had been commenting on some other post where I had expressed some opinion. I vaguely remembered what he had said at this point. But his message against my story made his stance clear. Him: Look at the peaceful community Census. And if you are really researcher. Then read history India has been heavenly place for minorities for at