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Bigger Scam Than You Think (YouTube Video)

The recent revelation of the Electoral Bonds data brought forward some worrying trends – trends that indicate bribes for contracts, possible extortion through agency actions, and large-scale money laundering activity. But what makes the Bonds so sinister is that it gives the parties plausible deniability. And looking at how BJP controls all central investigative agencies, I doubt that any investigations will take place – not against BJP, at any cost.  So the question now is – why should YOU care? In a recent video, Nitin Gadkari proudly claimed that he had no dearth of money, and asserted that no contractor would ever accuse him of taking kickbacks. Now, people tend to forget things rather quickly, but it is common knowledge now that Megha Engineering is BJP’s largest contributor through Electoral Bonds and they were awarded huge contracts after donating to BJP. I pointed this out in the comments of this video and some BJP bhakts jumped in to defend their favorite party.  Their argumen