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There's a Right Time for Everything...

Hiya, folks! It's 2:22 am, 27th Jan, 2017 and I am am officially 27 years and a day old now. And that got me thinking about time. Time flies and there's nothing new or note-worthy about that. The real important thing about time is it's timing. The 'right time', my friends, is what drives the whole world. I'll tell you how I get around to thinking about this topic. I was actually watching this movie "Morning Glory" just now and I couldn't help thinking that I was actually enjoying it because I was watching it now. It might have bored me earlier. It's timing was in perfect sync with my age, my mood and my situation. You know, I've been with my current employer for more than five years now. And I have never been more at ease with my job than I am at the moment. So, you can call me a loyal employee. Yet many of my colleagues keep advising me to look for growth, to make a jump. And their reasoning isn't illogical at all. Personal

Ravings About Cravings...

I have often heard people saying that what really sets humans apart from animals is their rationality, that human beings aren't driven by their instincts like animals are, and that humans have the ability to be more than what their instincts make them. I think that is a whole lot of crap. Just yesterday, at an office party, my boss asked each one of the team members to say something something about themselves that nobody else knew. I kept it short and simple. I told them what I aspire for. There was so much more about myself that I could have said, but the fact is, I don't think anybody cares enough for me to go to the trouble of expressing who I really am. (I do see the irony here. Here I am writing a new article about myself. Ha ha. But at least I am not boring you at an office party by revealing mundane facts about myself which have no real bearings on your life and dreams what-so-ever.) So, moving on, even though I kept it short, I gave it a bit of thoug