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How I Grew Quieter As I Grew Up...

So, those of you who knew me between 2001 and 2007 must remember what I was like. I was very talkative, often ended up being the brunt of all jokes and frankly didn't give a shit about that. Well, happy days! And if you haven't actually interacted with me since then, you might have a hard time getting used to me now. I don't talk as much. Even though I often say this, it's not true that I ran out of things to say as I grew up. I just ran out of the energy to speak up about the things I had in mind. Now I don't know whether my peers can relate to this or not. Frankly many of my friends actually found their voices as they matured. I, on the other hand, lost mine. After a long hard week, it's Sunday again. So I guess it is time for some soul searching. At 7AM in the morning, here I am, awake and worrying about how I am gonna get through the week ahead. That's my life now. Anyway, where was I? So, I was telling you about how I lost my voice.

Jay & Sunayana: A Love Story!!!

Jay & Sunayana were high school sweethearts. Were. They live two very different lives now. Jay is now an average young man who has forgotten how it was to be in love. Sunayana has disappeared from the social media front altogether. Jay is not able to trace her on FB and any of her tweets or blogs that he did find were almost a year old. So, not much scope for online stalking. As he swiped through a bunch of profiles of people named Sunayana, Jay asked himself why was he looking for her after all this time. Maybe because he could no longer visualize her smile when he closed his eyes. Or maybe because the other day, no matter how hard he tried, he failed to recall how her voice sounded, the voice that once was fuel to his imagination. It was all fading now and he was fighting to bring it back. Hence, there he was, out looking for a profile picture to remember her by. But he couldn't find one. It's funny that he was feeling like he had lost her, now that he couldn&