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Change is in the Air...

I have spent n number of hours stressing over my career. Things were actually going well until last February. Then I got promoted. Things were still going well on paper but unfortunately, I was moved into a different job profile than the one I was after. I wasn't given a choice in the matter, so I decided to give it my best. Almost a year has gone by and I still haven't fallen in love with my new responsibility.  Lately, I have been especially tense about the state of things. So I did a lot of soul-searching. I realized that even though I crib about the pressure of my job, that's not the real issue. I would not be this stressed out by the deadlines of a job I loved. And once this was clear, I gained clarity in a lot of related issues. The future is always uncertain. But we still hold a lot of power when it comes to molding our futures. So I have decided to stop being intimidated by the intricacies of my job and start relaxing a bit. Its definitely easier said

Stepping on Toes...

I am fed up with people distorting the meaning of what I write and then getting offended by it. If you're reading my blog, please stop assuming its about you. And most importantly, if you know its about you and you feel that I have accused you wrongly, then I apologize. This is an official apology for anyone who has been wronged in the past or who will be wronged in the future by my musings.   That having been said, here is a message for my readers. Kindly leave your personal prejudice aside when you read my blog. And if thats hard for you to do, please don't read it. Coz I hate it when I am lectured about how my blogs concentrate on negative aspects of things from people who themselves spend 24 x 7 speaking ill of others. ....

A New Year...Away from Family & Friends!!!

I wish all my readers a very happy new year. That said, I'd like to inform you that I will be travelling  for work  starting this evening, for the next 9 days after having barely spent 21 hours with my family, out of which I spent around  6 hours sleeping and another 7 over the phone with my colleagues trying to get things done. I apologize in advance coz this post isn't gonna have a very happy tone.  Lately, I've been asking myself a lot of existential questions. Let me start from the beginning. I moved to a new city, was placed in a new territory. Understandably, the work load went up. And that was fine. Until a few days back, when I faced the business end of a strange kind of corporate pressure. And it got me thinking. What does it all mean? What does it all lead to? I am aware that I am not the first one with these questions. And I won't be the last one. But its my life and I feel that, even if my problems seem silly to my superiors and the people I work