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Kaka - My Uncle's Story

The first time I met my uncle was when I was nine years old. I mean, I had certainly met him before that – when I was less than two years old – but I didn’t remember that time. My father and his younger brother had not been on talking terms for over a decade and I’m still not sure why. I never asked either of them about it. But in 1999, when my uncle called my grandfather from Mumbai asking him if he could come over to Mumbai where my uncle was to undergo surgery, my father was present in the room and unceremoniously took over the phone call. It didn’t matter that they had not spoken to each other in years. My father asked him what was going on – my uncle revealed that he had recently been having epileptic fits, indicating that he had some neurological problem. On tests like MRI and EEG, it had been revealed that he had a frontal lobe tumor that needed to be removed surgically. My father told him he would come to Mumbai, and he left soon after. I remember this time vividly because I wa

Quick Link to All My Story Series & Selected Articles

Hi guys, it was recently pointed out to me that a lot of the chain stories that are present in my blog have not been marked that they belong to a particular series. This makes navigating through them difficult. SO let me try to solve that by including a short summary of each group of stories/articles and provide the links here. I will pin this post at the top so that you can go read the stories in the sequence you want to. 1. Eric & Angela : This is a love story for people who do not particularly believe in love. Here are the links: Part 1 - Perpendicular Expression of a Horizontal Desire Part 2 - Cupcake! Part 3 - That Awkward Third Date! Part 4 - Those Melting Moments!!! Part 5 - Testing the Mettle of Love! (This is an incomplete series & more stories will be posted soon.) 2. Ishika & Siddhant : A story of intense romanti c entanglement that is mostly one-sided. "Mostly" is the operative word here. Here are the links: Part 1 - Instant Connection. Or Not? Part 2