My Girl - A Short Story

Disclaimer - This is a work of fiction and can get pretty graphic and explicit at times. Read it with an open mind. 
It was a humid evening in Kolkata. I could see the puddles created by the rain from this morning. Somehow I had managed to get off early from work. I was visiting the city for a meeting with the team. I wasn’t very fond of Kolkata as a city. It was crowded and loud and unorganized but it had Rashmita.

I knew her from my brief stint at the Oberoi Hotel, Mumbai. She had been an Industrial Trainee then and I was a manager-on-training. Being an employee, we considered all interns “kids”. She was still in college after all. It didn’t matter that she was actually older than I was, by a year or so on account of having started the vocation a few years later than I had. So, I was a little stand-offish when she’d asked me if I was single. It had seemed unethical to get involved with a “junior”. But her internship ended after a few months and she left. I did notice her absence but things got back to normal after a while.

A year later, when she tracked me down on social media, I was surprised by her appearance in her profile pictures. She looked so different from the girl I knew. She looked fuller, having gained a few pounds over the year. She didn’t wear any make-up and looked refreshingly earthy with that big red bindi she wore in some pictures. Wet hair and a bindi can look incredibly hot on Bengali features; you know the big round eyes. She was ecstatic to hear that I was now posted in Siliguri which was just nine hours from Kolkata by train.

“We must meet,” she exclaimed. And we did meet, every time I visited Kolkata for work. The few hours we used to spend together at a cafĂ© or a park would be the highlight of my month. And I was here today; to meet the girl I was falling in love with. And it was more than that; it was a strange animal magnetism that the two of us shared. It was all consuming.

I was going to meet her at her place for the first time. Her parents weren’t in town and her voice had been all squirmy and quivering when she’d asked me to come over to her place. I didn’t know what to expect. Or maybe I did and that’s why I was feeling nervous. The taxi was moving rather fast and I was looking out from the window at the milling crowds. A light breeze was ruffling through my hair. I was feeling strangely conscious about how I looked. I hadn’t felt this way since my teens.

And when I finally reached her place, my legs were slightly shaky and my throat was parched. I couldn’t get myself to utter a word when she opened the door. “You look exhausted,” she said in a disappointed voice. I told her Kolkata does that to me. She caught me by the forearm and pulled me in. This was a new side to her. Usually, she was very shy around me. I was the forward one in this relationship. She slammed the door and bolted it. “Sorry I am dressed so shabbily,” she apologized. I hadn’t noticed that she had on a loose dress on, which was visibly old and kind of short. I could tell that she owned this dress since the time she was shorter. Frankly, it looked nice on her, what with her breasts kind of holding the whole thing up. I told her she looked perfect. She smiled and said, “Duhhh”.

Rashmita quickly took me around the house showing me around. Our last stop was her room. She voiced a drum roll before she opened her bedroom door. It was a small airy room with windows all around. There was a large bookshelf. She loved to read. It was one of the things that got me interested in her in the first place. She quickly went around drawing the curtains down and we finally settled down on her couch. I looked at her, a little amused at her enthusiasm. She was glowing.

I have never been a man of too many words. And Rashmita knew this from the beginning. She never tried to coax me to speak more. Instead, she would just look into my eyes and try to read them. Her eyes on the other hand were big, round and mysteriously expressive. And she always made me feel so loved. She leaned forward, placed her hands on my shoulders and kissed me on the lips.  Her cherry flavored lip balm tasted all sticky and warm. I pulled her closer just as our lips parted.

“You are gorgeous,” I gasped. She let out an incredulous grin. “What? You really are,” I exclaimed. And she really was. Standing around five feet and nine inches tall, she was built like an Amazon woman. I found it really irresistible. Her skin was shiny and dark and she had curves that could make any man go weak in the knees. It was dark now that the curtains were closed and Rashmita had a hint of a mischievous smile on her lips. She leaned back as I held her around the waist and just swung a little. I felt so protective of her at that moment, it took me by surprise.

I couldn’t believe that just two years ago, I didn’t even know this girl. And now, she meant so much to me. I bent forward and kissed her on her neck, just above her chest. I felt a little shiver run through her body. She ran her fingers through my hair and pushed my head down a little. I kissed her breast from over her dress as we collapsed back into the couch. Moving clumsily, she tugged at the neck of her dress and moved it aside, baring her big beautiful bosom to my yearning lips. It was the first time we were being this intimate but it felt strangely natural. I had her nipple in my mouth and was savoring her natural taste.

She had wrapped her legs around mine and I could feel the warmth of her bare legs over mine even with the denim that I was wearing. I ran my hands over her thighs and let them rest on her left buttock. I could feel the soft fabric of her panty on my fingers and I didn’t realize that I was actually squeezing her bum. She let out a muffled shriek and pulled on my hair. I stopped squeezing and looked up. She had the cutest expression on her face. It was one of passion and playfulness mashed together.

Quickly, she pushed me back so that I was lying on the couch and she was over me. With a sudden move of her hands, she pulled the dress off taking it over her head and throwing the whole thing down on the floor in a heap. Here she was, her beautiful busty body basking in the dim evening light that seeped in through the porous curtains. She didn’t have a bra on. Her breast were really big and round and for the lack of a better word, juicy. She took my hands and placed them on her waist, while she started unbuttoning my shirt. We had barely spoken a word all this while.

“Are you sure?” I asked her all of a sudden. “Do I look like a woman who isn’t sure?” she said, while she shrugged and brought her breasts forward until they touched my face. She smelled fantastic, like freshly blooming lily flowers in a garden. Maybe it was a perfume she was wearing or maybe it was all her. I just knew that I had never wanted her more than I did at this moment.

“You’re wearing way too many clothes than I am,” she chuckled, “What should we do about that?”

“Whatever you want,” I said and I was serious. She could have plunged a knife through my heart and I wouldn’t have stopped her. She had taken my shirt off and was touching my chest with an air of exploration. “I can feel you,” she said. I realized she had been sitting over my crotch and I was pretty excited at this point. I feigned embarrassment as she looked at me with a wily grin. “I gotta see this,” she added and started unbuckling my belt. She had my jeans off my legs within seconds. I caught her hands as she was about to grab the band of my boxers.

“We are both down to one piece of clothing,” I reminded her, “So, equal ground.”

“Change that,” she said as she got up and stood on the couch straddling my waist. I caressed the length of her legs as I moved my hands up towards her panty. I started pulling it off her waist as I got on my knees and kissed her tummy just below her navel. She moaned a little as I kissed her there. She was all natural down there and I liked it that way. I got her down on the couch as I licked her lovingly. She was incredibly wet and tasted like passion. I knew I had her all worked up. It’s such a rush knowing that your woman is aroused by you.

“Come over me,” I told her.

“Wanna move to the bed?” she giggled.

I picked her up and got up from the couch. I lay her down on the bed. She pulled my boxers off. I was hard and she touched me. “It’s like a compliment,” she chuckled. I lay down beside her and pulled her over me, till she was straddling my face. She realized what I was planning and just turned around and lowered her body over mine.

Soixante-Neuf. ( It is French, Google it.)

I love this woman so much, I thought to myself as I licked and slurped on her wetness. She was licking me tenderly, holding me with a tight confident grip. It was a moment of incredible passion and I felt like the luckiest man in the world. I could hear her moaning lightly while she took the whole of me in her mouth. It felt like heaven. I ate her out like candy bar, getting my face all wet and slimy. We had each other for what seemed like an era; an era of pleasure and longing.

Then suddenly, she got off me and collapsed on the bed. “Enter me,” she cooed.

We made love. Soft and hard. Slow and fast. Rough and tender. It felt like I was born to be inside her. It was the love-making of a lifetime. She bit my shoulder and scratched my back. I suckled at her breasts like a hungry baby. And then we were spent. I think she had an orgasm just before I did. And I never stopped. We just kept on going, all wet and sloshy, wrapped in an embrace. And the evening grew into the night.

“I love you,” we both said the magical words to each other at the same time.

I cooked dinner for her for the first time that night. It was a night of firsts for the two of us. And we stayed together for years to come. She was and she will always be my girl.


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