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Beautiful Lies - The End!!!

My dear readers, this is the final chapter of the Siddhant-Ishika story. Here are the links to the earlier episodes:  Part 1  |  Part 2  |  Part 3  |  Part 4  |  Part 5 | Part 6 . I would suggest that you go back, read the earlier chapters, if you haven’t already done it and then come back to find out what happened at the end . In his endless pursuit of love with Ishika, Siddhant had laughed and he'd cried. And Ishika had been there with him, merely in spirit. Because it was clear that her heart wasn't available for love. But Siddhant persevered with an indomitable resilience, which was kind of pathetic actually. Siddhant was hungry for affection like so many of us are and in his hunger, he couldn't see that what he perceived as affection was just Ishika's 'altruism', for the lack of a better word. This was a house of cards and it was destined to tumble down. This is that story. Ishika had been in his arms and in his soul and yet, for all intents and

Delusional, Are We?

I wasn't born this way. For a large part of my life, I too lived under the impression that my life, my thoughts, my experiences, my struggles (and everything that is about me) mattered in this world. Boy! Was I wrong! Its naive and its a delusion all of us carry, even though we know better. Because it gives us the strength to get up in the morning, this feeling that people are waiting for us to speak or act. … I know around 80% of the people who started reading this post have drifted off by this point. And that is exactly the point I was making!!! For anyone who is still reading, you are either my girlfriend, a friend or maybe (fingers crossed!) someone who actually wants to read what I am about to write. Irrespective, its my duty at this point to tell you what I am gonna write about in this blog. This blog: Is a loose semi-fictional narration of my life, experiences & fantasies. Might contain explicit/sexual/disturbing details at times. Might not