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Oblivious to Love: "KRITIKA & I"

"Kritika" & I: A Long Time Ago An old flame (Lets call her Kritika!) recently felt insulted when I referred to her as "an underdog" in one of my articles. This surprised me. She missed the whole essence of my writing. When I call you an "underdog", you must take it as a compliment. Because I myself am an underdog. I have always been one. I wrote back to her, "Its the underdogs of the world who actually rule it." I totally stand by that philosophy.  Anyway, the whole incident kinda got me thinking. I've written about all the significant people who've shared part of my life with me, except Kritika. That's not fair, is it? So here it is. Long term relationships are like drugs. You get addicted to them. You get addicted to the comfort level that you share with that person. You get addicted to being desired. So when you break up with that person, it feels like withdrawal and you start craving for "the drug". Lon

Of Break Ups & Rebound…

You hear about break ups and rebounds almost everyday. A rebound is when you prematurely get into a relationship after having broken up with your former partner. Thats the Indian definition. Coz I believe an american would go and have one or more one-night stands as a form of rebound. There could be various explanations to why people get into rebound relationships. Maybe it is a pathetic attempt to mimic the level of comfort they had with their former partner. Or maybe it is just as a way to spite their ex. Irrespective of the reason, getting into a “rebound relationship” is the worst thing one could possibly do. I am not saying one-night stands are healthy, they are not, but at least they don’t have such dire consequences. (Unless of course, if you knock a girl up during a one-night stint.) But India being such a sexually oppressed place, we choose to get into a new full-fledged relationship to get over a messy break up. And a whole lot of mess entails. Running int