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Testing the Mettle of Love!

For all the fans of romance out there, I am back with the fifth installment of the Angela & Eric saga. We go beyond the mushy and romantic in this one - into one of those testing moments that pave way for the time to come. For people who just landed on this page, here's the link to Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 & Part 4 . Go play catch up and come back to read this one. I know romance sells. I know that when you write romance, you write about the happy stuff, the relationship milestones, the first kiss, the first time they make love, the confession of undying love. Yet, in real life, the fights a couple has defines the mettle of their relationship. To reach the point in time that Eric and Angela are at, they had to navigate several serious fights which tested their intentions and eventually made them realize what they meant to each other. Angela and Eric loved to talk to each other. They could just sit there discussing this and that – their work lives, their life experiences, t

Netiquette For The Elderly...

My grandparents never adapted to the technologies of the new millennium. Even my uncle is not really tech-savvy and doesn’t have any social media presence. But I do. The whole technological revolution happened in front of my eyes. The social media scene came into existence during my teens and it became an integral part of my lifestyle pretty quickly. Be it Yahoo Chatrooms, Orkut, hi5, or Facebook, at some point or the other I have used them all. Online messaging apps became a big thing a couple of years ago and now, people in organizations are using WhatsApp for conversations which were earlier meant only for company email. It is definitely a huge revolution and the merits of online social media are unlimited but it is also being misused a lot. That is, but natural and doesn’t bother me much. Systems are being put in place to check that misuse. What actually bothers me is the lack of Netiquette among people, especially a few elderly people who have taken to social media recentl