MAJEDAR, The Drama Queen!!!

Majedar, one of my best friends is not speaking to me right now. Why? Because the last time I was in our hometown, I didn't call him up. Instead, I happened to call another friend, Keshav and inquired about Majedar's whereabouts. When Keshav informed me that Majedar wasn't in town, I saw no point in bothering him, so I didn't call. So, Majedar, the drama queen that he is, took offense and hasn't spoken to me since.

"Majedar" is not a name, by the way. It mean "enjoyable" in Hindi. The word resembled his surname, so we ended up calling him that for fun.

We all have that one friend who's a little dramatic. For me, that's Majedar. We have been friends since the eighth grade. We were a a lot close-knit group of 3 to 5 friends who spent a lot of time together in school. And after school ended, even though, all of us moved to different places and pursued varied careers, we still stay in touch. I've realized over time that childhood friendships are unparalleled. 

I have changed so much in the years after school ended but even now, when I call one of my old friends, we talk just like we used to. And that is such a feat because I have become a much more complicated person than I once was. With age came a lot of disillusionment. With disillusionment came a lot of indignation. The indignation eventually gave way to indifference and reclusion. As a result, a lot of friends from the past were left behind. And I haven't made a new friend in a long long time. That should tell you something about who I have become.

So, the few days that I take out a couple of times a year to visit my hometown, I try to catch up with old friends. But this time round, I missed out on Majedar. And he was "hurt" by it. My other friends, Anjaneya and Sandeep played saboteur (just for fun) by telling Majedar that I speak to them every other day. So he is even more indignant now. He even UNFRIENDED me on Facebook.

Anjaneya and I had a good laugh about it when we spoke the other day. "Even a girlfriend won't create so much drama." And that is the truth. I go weeks without calling my family. So I am not very good at keeping touch over electronic media and Majedar should understand that as he knows me. But no, he would rather throw a tantrum about it.


  1. hahaha..Ian...Rather being apologetic about it, you are blaming him.....hashtag hashtag #supportmajedar !! :)


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