Early Onset "Xenophobia"...Bhadrachalam!!

I have lived in a lot of cities. And I have travelled alone since I was 15. What made this possible was the fact that I speak well. I have no problem communicating with people when I travel. This makes everything easy.

But today, I am at Bhadrachalam. Its a small town located on the AP-Telangana border and almost nobody understands Hindi or English. Telegu is the common language and I can't speak enough Telugu to even save my ass.

I am here for work. But work becomes so tough when your associates can't make head or tail of what you're saying to them. I am screwed.

I am actually calling up my associates in Hyderabad to help me with my conversations. What makes everything more complicated is my knack for micro-management. I like to see to it that my work is completed correctly, on time and I like confirming it with my own eyes. I barely ever delegate my work as I just can't trust anyone else with it.

So here I am in this strange town, struggling to be understood. I have to be here for at least another day. And the silence is getting on my nerves. I called up my girlfriend for a bit but I can't spend the whole day on phone with my girlfriend, can I? So, I hung up.

My associates who should be helping me finish the job in hand have all wandered off as I couldn't make them understand what had to be done. I feel like I am tied up. 

That being said, I'd like to apologize to my readers who came to this article expecting a good read. I know all I did was rant. I hate ranting, but in my present situation, that's all I can do. Please don't make this article the reason for not following my blog.

Stay tuned. I will come up with better stuff once I am back in civilization. Ha ha. ;-p


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