Cooking for Two!

Up until last year, we had employed a cook, whose cooking left a lot to desire. So we ended up ordering a lot of food from restaurants as we were unhappy with the food she cooked. After a while, we compared the expenses and decided it would be better if we let the cook go and ate outside or toggled cooking ourselves and eating out. So we gave her a month's notice and then I started cooking for two. Now my approach to cooking is simple - I follow recipes, which means I like things the way they should be. For instance, if I am making noodles, my carrots would be cut into super-fine juliennes and that is a time-consuming process of cooking. My wife insists that she would be happy with a lot less and maybe she would be, but I just can't get myself to compromise on my process. 

It usually takes me whole afternoons to cook these meals - it's a lot of work, but I love it when a meal turns out well. I don't make very fancy stuff, just usual Indian dishes but the way they are traditionally made - I try to use all ingredients and cook in authentic methods, using as little shortcuts as possible. Over time, I started clicking pictures of the dishes and sending them to my wife to get some praise and excitement. Then I began to make these collages of the meals and keep them with the hope of posting them on Instagram - but I never did. It just seemed too tacky. Today, I was going through my phone's gallery and noticed these photos and thought, "Why not share a bunch of them in a blog?!" So, here they are, in no particular order:

Of course, I have not clicked pictures every day and I do not cook every day either. This is just a glimpse into my cooking. If you like it, please comment and share your opinions and cooking stories.


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