Deconstructing Hate & Brainwashing - Debate with a Netizen

I had a debate with a netizen over Instagram chats. It took a lot of mental strength to get through, so I thought I should share it with the world.

I was fed up of people arguing over a simple comment on this post about the status of minorities in Pakistan and Bangladesh, where I had commented, “ This is why India has to be better and make a safe space for it’s minorities. We have to be better than those we criticize. We can’t use such people’s bad work to justify doing the same thing.” 

Needless to say, my comment irked a lot of people. So, I shared it in a story for my followers to see…


This is when a netizen called Nikhil Agarwal replied to my story. He had been commenting on some other post where I had expressed some opinion. I vaguely remembered what he had said at this point. But his message against my story made his stance clear.

Him: Look at the peaceful community Census. And if you are really researcher. Then read history India has been heavenly place for minorities for at least 10000 years.

I didn’t respond. Instead, I shared a comment of his I found ridiculous in my story.

Nikhil replied to the story:

Yes that's true

कर्मयोग, ज्ञानयोग, भक्तियोग

Gyanyog is through the shastras Bhaktiyog is through immense faith & love Karmyog is through following the duty of your life the karm/ work you have to do study, work, earn, family all duties fulfillment without any hate.

He also attached this image as his argument.


I decided to engage him at this point – because this appropriation pissed me off.

Me: Hey...I will assume you are open to civil discourse. India has been a safe haven for minorities. But that has changed in the last 9 years. Do you agree?

Him: That changed 77 years ago.

Me: You mean when the nation was created...? Explain. You do know that even then it was the Hindu Mahasabha that made Jinnah feel like Muslims will be discriminated against if they stay in India. We can argue on whether partition should have happened or not all day long. But it did. And we know now that we chose to be secular and hence prospered as a nation while Pakistan didn't. The Muslims who stayed in India chose to. Because they were attached to the idea of the nation. They might take their religion seriously but that makes them devout, not disloyal.

Him: No we didn't choose to be secular in 1947 the country was divided on the basis of religion i.e. Pakistan for Muslim - Bharat for HINDU.

They didn't stayed in India because of any attachment but the partition was done in such a wrong way that the migration didn't occur properly.

He replied to my earlier comment: So, you mean they taking sides of terrorists is loyal to BHARAT.

SECULAR was added to the preamble in the Indira Gandhi era i.e. 1976.

Him: And if you look at Economy stats you'll realise we didn't prosper till early 90s but Pakistan was prospering after partition till mid 70s then army General ruled upon and Started TERRORISM using American funding.

And in one video you said about Manipur incident, let me tell you that's the major issue we as humanity have failed for but these issue isn't about any party but if you realise these kind of incident could occur more in India until 2024 elections because there are many big players in GEOPOLITICS who can't let India to grow by destabilizing the central government

I replied to his earlier comment that read “So you mean they taking sides of terrorists is loyal to BHARAT”: Many Hindus are taking side of that RPF constable who killed Muslims in a train. He is a terrorist too. You see, some people might have some motivation to support something. But you can't generalize a statement like that. I know a lot of Muslim people who are very patriotic. But thanks to media, people only see the worst.

I replied to his comment “ And if you look at Economy stats you'll realise we didn't prosper till early 90s…”: Buddy, I understand that you don't think we prospered. But a closed economy was the right decision after 1947 because it helped India make a base of self-reliance. The truth is that while it slowed GDP in numbers, had that not been done, foreign investors would have bought out Indian competitors ages ago and we wouldn't be where we are today. Please study economics before you make such sweeping statements.

Me: I read the screenshot you shared. India was always secular in spirit, regardless of when the word was added to Constitution.

Me: Also, Manipur was not a religious issue, but BJP has managed to make it so. And regardless of what you believe, these communal conflicts only help BJP to stay in power. This narrative that big players are against them (or India) is bullshit. They are the biggest player of all. Look at their election spends, their ad spends. Still, you'll believe they are the cleanest party? Wake up, buddy. They are literally selling India's public sector one by one to their crony industrialists. Don't get me wrong. If they didn't do this polarization and genuinely worked for the people rather than just the rich, I would support them too. I don't really like the current Congress party too, but I also don't buy into the smear campaign BJP runs against Nehru and Indira G - because they were courageous leaders and did more for the nation than Modi any day.

After that Nikhil didn’t reply and I thought that was that – but today he resurfaced and started commenting on my comment on another reel randomly.


This was the comment that he wanted me to reply on:

What punishment are given to Muslims. Wait I'll tell you - destroy temples, for any riots only Hindus will be reasoned & punished, burkha is allowed but a kalewa could be a means of cheating in exams, teach Islamic/Christianity in schools but children can't follow what they want to, Loudspeaker Namaz is allowed at any point of time at any place but speaker at Hindu temple is forbidden, Hindu pandits can be brutally tortured, raped, looted, killed that's ok they can't ask for justice but Muslims can rage over Indian streets for Hamas (a terrorist group) and no action is taken, madarsas (terrorism teaching/ anti India) are funded and salaried by govt. But Temples money is taken by the govt., WAQF can do anything on any land whatever they want IT'S THEIR RIGHT but temples can't even build stairs for them without govt. Permission. A Momin girl easily talk violently and gives death threat in open (telecasted on national television) but a girl who just read the scriptures was threatened to rape & death then required to step out of her designatory position, etc. So yeah they are punished so well that everyone wishes to be a culprit and punished like this PRIVILEGED PUNISHMENT. And these temples/knowledge are our heritage, culture, our identity without which us & our nation is nothing, whole economy collapses when Hinduism will disappear from our land. And about the work & development I think you have closed your eyes or have forgotten the past, where was our country.

Nikhil commented on my story :



I replied back.

Me: Dude, you realize I could just block you, right? And you'd be gone. Did you even read my replies before deciding to come at me in another post?

Him: Instead of debating my points, you are using my comment to gain sympathy rather than replying properly and coming up with facts and try to show me that you can block me and get sidelined.

Him: My god sympathy of 349 people.

Me: Sympathy? No. I am looking for laughter. Victim complex mein tu jee Raha hai...main nahi.

Him: Lmao

Me: I have 349 followers and you are still dying for my response. Does that say more about me or you?

Me: I had forgotten you exist. You came out of the woodwork asking me stupid questions. I can't validate your baseless hate, dude.

Him: I don't hate but anything impractical and propaganda can't be accepted.

Him: I have Muslim and Christian friends.

Me: Ye batane ki zarurat na padti agar unke bare mein accha sochta toh. (Wouldn’t need to mention that you have friends in other religions if you wished them well.)

Me: Bhai...tujhe evidence ke saath bata diya..tu propaganda ka shikaar hai. But Maan na hi nahi hai... (Brother, I have shown you with evidence that you have fallen prey to propaganda. But you don’t want to admit to it.)

Him: What evidence you are talking about?

Him: Ye sab tumhe batane ki jarurat story pt na padti agar tu sachme atheist hoke equally sochta to. (You wouldn’t have to put up stories like this if you were a real atheist and thought of all religions equally.)

Him: Rather than being an anti-Hindu only.

Me: Anti Hindu nahi - anti-antisocial hoon main...main who hi share karta hoon jo iss society ke liye bura hai ... (I am not anti-Hindu, I am anti-antisocial. I share the things that I feel are bad for the society.)

Me: Bhai.. economy ka kuch samajh hai nahi, bolta hai 90s se pehle koi development nahi hua. Kya samjhaoon tujhe? (Brother, you have no understanding of economy – so much so that you think that India didn’t develop before the 1990s. What do I explain to you now?)

Him: See I agree most of the people on insta are fools and wants to fight only in the name of Hindutva.

Him: I didn't say that man k development ni hua but the vision wasn't Magnanimous for a country like India. (I didn't say that man. I didn’t mean that there was no development, but the vision wasn't magnanimous enough for a country like India.)

Me: Babu...ek baat samajh. Jhopdi mein rehne wala, pehle pakke Ghar ka sochta hai. Pakke Ghar wala phir Mahal ka. So, the leaders after independence built the foundation jispe aaj ke leaders naach rahe hain. (Kid, understand one thing – those who live in huts, they start with dreams of a house with proper walls. Once they reach that status, they start dreaming of villas. So, the leaders after independence built the foundation, on which the leaders of today are basing their lofty dreams.)

Replying to his anti-Hindu comment, I said : 

Me: Haan toh block kar aur aage badh. Main tere Ghar aaya tha kya tujhse request karne ki Mera profile dekh. (Why don’t you block me then and move on? Did I come to you requesting you to look at my posts or my profile?)

Me: I am anti-religion. Tujhe tere religion ki mirchi lagi, doosron ko unke religion ki lagti hai. (It stung you when I spoke about your religion. It will sting others when I criticize their religions.) Doesn't matter.

Him: I don't have religion.

Me: Toh kyun mirchi lag rahi hai? (Then why are you so triggered by my opinions?)

At this point, I was losing my temper a little and decided to address his long comment for the error-filled paranoid text that it was.

Me: Itna lamba comment kiya... patience hai toh ruk, ek ek point ka sach batata hoon... (You’ve left such a long comment. If you have the patience, wait – let me debunk each of the points one by one…)

Me: 1st point - temples destroy 500 saal pehle hue the. Ab news dekh, har din koi mazaar ya masjid pe attack hota hai koi na koi bahane se. (1st point – The destruction of temples by Mughals/ Turks happened centuries ago. Look at the news right now – every day, you hear about some Musim place of worship being torn down, using excuses like illegal construction, etc.)

Me: Abhi Jo Haryana mein riot hua - Monu Manesar aur woh doosra chomu jiska video tha fire karte hue, immediately bail pe nikal Gaye. Muslims ke Ghar pe bulldozer chal Gaya. Kahe ka punishment Mila Hindus ko? (Secondly, you spoke about only Hindus being punished. Let’s take the example of the recent riots in Haryana – Monu Manesar and that other chap who were caught on camera discharging weapons, were arrested and then released on bail almost immediately. Whereas, Muslim houses were torn down with bulldozers randomly without any due process. What punishment to Hindus are you talking about?)

Him: Magar since independence 600 masjid 11 lakh ho gyi so much oppression. (But since Independence, the number of mosques have grown from 600 to 1.1 million – is that the oppression you’re talking about?)

Me: Madrase band ho rahe hain thok ke bhaw se. Christian schools mein koi conversion nahi hota. Main convent se padha hoon. Aur schools mein Hinduism padhaya nahi jaata kisme kaha - tere school mein nahi hota hoga. Mere convent mein bhi Pooja hota tha - Saraswati & Ganesh dono. (Madrasas are being shut down anyway these days. Christian schools don’t force anyone to convert. There are schools where Hinduism is also taught. I went to a convent school and we celebrated poojas there as well.)

Him: Hindu school ka naam suna h koi? (Ever heard of a Hindu school.)

Me: Saraswati Sishu Mandir...

Me: Arey Bhai...har gali mein murti rakh ke Pooja hota hai...uska toh koi count hi nahi hai...aastha hai logon ki...banaye mandir ya masjid. Sirf masjid se kyun jal Rahi hai Teri? (Hey man, Hindus place idols randomly in any nook and corner of streets and start worshipping there – those are not even counted as temples for comparison with mosques. Moreover, it’s people’s faith, let them construct as many temples or mosques as they want. Why do mosques get you all worked up?)

Him: Yea kyuki wo 10000+ years se h. Aur bhi jyada the. Ab Kam h. (Yeah, because temples have been around for 10000+ years. There were more of them. There are lesser now.)

Me: Bewakoofi wali baat mat kar. 4500 saal pehle Harappan civilization mein Jo maante the woh Hinduism nahi tha. Research kar ispe. Kuch bhi. Bhai victim complex chod... (Stop talking out of your ass. The Harappan civilization’s archaeological finds indicate of a religion, which was similar to but not exactly Hinduism. Look it up. And leave this victim complex behind.)

Him: Ok Bhai bharat to jungliyon ka desh tha Sara kuch Mughal and Britishers ki den h k hum jina Sikha gye. (Okay brother, India was a savage country then. Mughals and the British taught us a civilized way of life.) ~sarcasm

Me: Ye kahan maine? Harappan civilization mein bhi Pooja karte the...par Hindu Devi devta nahi the woh. Jo point Maine pehle kaha tha woh samajh jata toh aise misunderstanding nahi hote. Iss subcontinent pe Jo bhi hua hai past mein woh sab humar culture hai...Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Christian, Islamic, Parsi...sab. Tujhe problem isiliye ho Raha hai kyunki tu sirf Hindu ko Maan na chahta hai. (Did I say that? As I mentioned, Harappan civilization also has evidence of deities and shamans, but not Hindu Gods and Goddesses. If you’d understood the point I had made earlier, you wouldn’t struggle with such an easy concept. The heritage of this land is made up by its past – be it the Indus Valley, the Mughals, The Buddhist rulers, the Sikhs, Parsis – they are all a part of our culture and heritage. You’re struggling to accept that because you think only Hindus make up our cultural fiber.)

Me: Namaz 5 baar 2 min ke liye bajta hai...mandir aarti ghanton ke liye bajate hain...dono ko kisi ne nahi roka. (Coming to you claim about Azaan in mosques, that plays for 2 mins five times a day. Whereas temples play their aarti for hours on end. And they are both allowed, contrary to your claim.)

Him: Konse madir ja rha h vroo I think kuch alag jagah hogi kyu temple to aarti do time hoti hair awaaz jyada se jyada 2 gali Tak aati h hamare yaha masjid kahi Nazar bhi ni aati 5 km dur but azaan sunai deti h (Which temple are you talking about? Temples have aarti twice a day and the sound doesn’t even travel down two streets, whereas you can hear the mosques you can’t even see with your eyes.)

Me: Namaz 10 min ke liye ro Raha hai...kyun itna problem hai Bhai? Mandir har festival mein raat raat bhar loudspeaker pe gaane chalate Hain. Tere area mein shayad na hota ho, par mein Jahan bhi Raha hoon...waha hua hai. (You’re crying about the 10 minutes of Azaan in a day? Temples during the several festivals blast music and bhajans late into the night. Maybe it’s not like that in your area, but it was like that everywhere I lived.)

Him: M to keh bhi nhi rha hu masjid hatao. (I am not saying I want mosques removed.)

Him: Don't separate Buddhism and Sikhism. They are different schools of thoughts of Hinduism only.

Me: No they are not. Padh Bhai...jab basic concept his alag hai, toh bas naam similar hone se unhe ek hi Maan lega? (Read up, man. When the basic concept of belief is different, how can they be the same religion? Only because the names sound similar?)

Me: Meghalaya mein ek sacred grove hai...wahan ke tribes uss jungle ki Pooja karte hain. Tere Nazar mein woh bhi Hinduism hoga? (There’s a sacred grove in Meghalaya, where the native tribes worship the forest and it has not been touched in over 700 years. Is that also Hinduism in your eyes?)

Him: I've been to Masjid and church as well. And I do go.

Me: See...if you thought better of them, you wouldn't have to justify your argument by saying this...

Him: U think respect and equality is a one-way concept. Living in delulu.

Me: Kaka, mujhe ek aadmi respect na de...toh main use respect nahi dunga...uske poore religion ke logon ko respect Dena band nahi karunga. (Uncle, if a man disrespects me, I disrespect him. I won’t start disrespecting his whole community.)

Him: I am not against Muslim but definitely the ones who uses Islamic teaching to spread hatred and terrorism.

Me: 20 cr Muslim hain. Tu gin bhi le kitne log anti-social Hain, Hindus ke against mein hain - toh bhi woh number ek chota sa ratio Banta hai...but all this online hate affects everyone of them. Ye simple point samjha nahi pata main logon ko. (There are over 200 million Muslims. Even if you objectively count the number of Muslims who harbour anti-social ideologies or are against Hindus in any way, the number would constitute a very small ratio. But this hate Hindus spew against Muslims online, this propaganda – that harms all of them. Why won’t people understand this?)

For instance, abhi ek post nikla tha – South Korea ka jahan nightclubs mein Indian aadmiyon ko allow nahi kar rahe, because as per them Indians, Pakistanis, etc don't abide by their rules. Ab ye example hai generalization ka. (For instance, in a recent post by a content creator, it was highlighted that in South Korea, the nightclubs do not allow entry to South Asian men, because according to them, Indian and Pakistani men are unruly. That is an example of racist generalization. That is what we do to Muslims.)

Him: U r in delusion the number - it is at least 50cr. (500 million)

Me: Main kya point bata Raha tha...tu kya kya leke baith gaya? Census karwa nahi rahi BJP because asliyat saamne aa jayegi - Muslims population growth has also declined. It is still higher than Hindus but the decline shows that there is no conspiracy to conquer the country by overpopulation. Padh... government data hai yeh...NFHS ka. (What point was I making and what did you take away from it? BJP is avoiding census because then their reality will be exposed. Muslims population growth has also declined. It is still higher than Hindus but the decline shows that there is no conspiracy to conquer the country by overpopulation, as the right-wingers would have you believe. Read it – it’s the government’s data – published by NFHS.)

Me: Aur fatt ti kyun Hain itni Muslims se. Maan le tera neighbour Sunil kal ko Muslim ban jata hai...tu darrne lagega usse? (And why the hell you you so shit scared of Muslims? If your next door neighbor converts to Islam tomorrow, will you start fearing him too? These are just people.)

I continued with the other points:

Me: I am also against such people. But what you don't see is...the ruling party in the central government is also spreading hate in the name of Hinduism. Agar tu sach mein unbiased hai toh uspe bhi gussa aana chahiye. (If you’re really unbiased as you claim to be, even that should piss you off!)

Me: Pragya Thakur pe blast ka ilzaam tha? BJP ne gayab kar diya. Us pe Kahan Gaya Tera gussa? (Pragya Thakur – current member of Parliament – was accused in Malegaon terror blasts – BJP made her charges go away. Where’s your outrage about that?)

Me: Next point - Hamas pe itna guss aa raha hai. Hamas banne se pehle se Israel Palestine ka jagah hadapta raha hai...uspe gussa nahi aata tujhe? Log Hamas ke nahi Palestine ke support mein bolte Hain. Par tujhe Muslim ke aage kuch dikhe toh ye difference dikhega na... (Next point – you’re raging about Hamas – did you know that Israel has been taking over more and more land from Palestinians from the time Hamas didn’t even exist? Don’t you get angry about that? People aren’t supporting Hamas, they are standing up for the Palestinian people. But you can’t see that because your eyes don’t see beyond their Islamic faith.)

Me: Judiciary ka report nikaal aur dekh kitne cases kis religion ke plaintiffs ke Hain - Hindus can and do ask for justice. Most high court judges are Hindus. Par Tera victim complex ye dekhne dega nahi tujhe. (Put an RTI query and find out how many of the pending judiciary cases have Hindu plaintiffs and how many have Muslims – so your claim that Hindus don’t get justice is bogus – Hindus can and do seek justice. Most high court judges are Hindus. But your victim complex will not let you see that.)

Me: Madrasas ka yeh Jo image bhi kaafi hadd tak propaganda hi hai. Kuch cases Hain anti-social conditioning ke par har madrasa waisa nahi hota. But I agree that the concept of different education for Muslims should be done away with. (This negative image of madrasas is also to a large extent a product of propaganda. I am sure there are cases of radicalization in some madrasas, but not all of them are like that. But I agree that the concept of different education for Muslims should be done away with. )

Me: Ye Jo momin girl wala argument Diya tune - jis Pakistani origin journalist se Modi se sawaal kiya tha US mein usee bhi dhamkiya mili thi - woh kaun de raha tha? Tujhe bas Hindu ke against ka dikhta hai...par woh lakhon attacks Jo Hindu nationalists Muslims pe karte hain woh nahi dikhta. Insaan samjhta unhe toh dikhta. (Let me deconstruct that Momin girl argument – recently, there was a Pakistani-American journalist who asked Modi a difficult question during his US visit. As a fall out of that, she was threatened with rape and murder. Who did that? You only see incidents of violence against Hindus while turning a blind eye to the constant online bullying, harassment and threats that self-proclaimed Hindu nationalists dole out on Muslims. Because you don’t see them as humans – the propaganda has dehumanized them.)

Me: Lastly, Mughal bhi humara heritage hai, Harrappa bhi. Hinduism ke naam pe ane history aur heritage ko limit mat kar. (Lastly, Mughals are also our heritage and culture, just like the Harappan civilization is. DO not limit out heritage in the name of Hinduism.)

Me: Jo adivasi cultures Hain...unhe Hinduism ne appropriate kar liya par woh the nahi Hindu. Just like some guy was saying Atheist are also Hindu. Religion by definition is based on which God you follow. Koi bhi joh Ram, Krishna, Shiv, Vishnu, wagerah ko nahi maanta...aur kisi aur cheez ki pooja karta hai, jaise jungle, aag...woh Hindu nahi hai. Similar faith hai but Hinduism nahi hai woh. Lastly, it is all Indian culture and heritage even if it is not Hindu. (Even the indigenous natives of India – their belief systems were appropriated by Hinduism but they weren’t really Hindus. There was some guy claiming that even atheists are Hindus. Religion by definition is based on which God you follow. Anyone who doesn’t worship the Hindu Gods like Ram, Krishna, Shiva, Vishnu, etc, and worships elements like fire, jungle, etc cannot be called Hindu. Their faith might be similar to Hinduism but it isn’t Hinduism. Lastly, it is all Indian culture and heritage even if it is not Hinduism.)

Him: It was me only atheism is part of Hindu society. Hindu isn't religion it's geographical identity. Anyone born on this land is Hindu irrespective of their faith. Secondly, I agree most people here have lost our culture and are doing the same what they were actually supposed to curb down. And about the heritage let me tell you everything here is our heritage yep. Because Mughal knew nothing of architecture the so-called Mughal architecture is Bhartiya only what definitely not ours is their value system they have totally misunderstood Varna system and molded it into their understanding of it and made it into caste system (Portugese word). 

And let me tell you Varna System isn't based on parental lineage anybody was allowed to change their Varna and choose whatever they liked to do.

The issue isn't the so-called religion concept but the fact that radicals and extremists using it for their illegal works

Me: Oh this is gold. So according to you, Mughals were responsible for caste discrimination? Wow. And Brahmins just listened to Mughals and started practicing untouchability? This is new.

Him: Even Hindu society has been converted into a religion now otherwise instead of ram . The character of ram that is maryada purushottam ram was prayed to, looked up to.

Him: Mughals had implemented 3 condition on bharat during their reign

1. Convert to their faith 

2. Get killed 

3. Declare themselves as Shudra

Which made it psychologically think of them as lower caste.

( Now let me tell you why this above bit is a load of crap – I kinda forgot to mention it to him. If that 3 condition bit were true – there technically wouldn’t be any Brahmins or other castes, because everyone would either be Shudra, Muslim or dead. Historians have already debunked this myth of forced conversion by Mughals, but propagandists are still running with it. See what happens next.)

Me: Source? WhatsApp?

This enraged him and he resorted to trolling:

Him: Source of your brain? Sewage.

Me: Cite a credible primary source - or else just admit you're peddling WhatsApp gyaan. You know...a good rule of thumb would be to question the people who are claiming these things on WhatsApp about their source and factchecking those sources.

Him: I know you won't believe a Bhartiya person.

Me: No. I will believe historians who cite actual sources. Not fake historians who are spreading propaganda. 

Him: Read this whole book and you will realize how Britishers used this to enslave this thriving society for millenniums:

Western Foundations of the Caste System

This is a link to a book that costs like 9k for hard copy and 6k for Kindle edition. I really don’t think he had read it, so I said this:

Me: If you've read this - then share the passages from the book. It's too expensive - I can't afford the book. But if you're just sharing because the name looked like it would help the case...then, what can I say?

Him: Nope dude I've read it. I've more sources I can share with you. See I am not any of the clan I think criticizing the one in power is necessary for what is happening wrong. But following extremist mindset isn’t good for us too.

Me: If you have the book, take pictures of the passages that prove your point - send it to me. Enlighten me.


I will share the passages of the book. But can't right now.

Me: (About the second link he shared) This is an article by an unknown person. There is literally no online footprint of this Akbar Dosanj other than this article.

Me: Look bud...all the things you just claimed - these are all ideas propagated in recent times - the purpose is to paint a glorified picture of one's history which was never there. So that it can be touted as something that was lost and certain people can be blamed for it.

Him: So you believe the claim by Britishers that India was a backward society and they came here to enlighten and grow us. This hasn’t been propagated in recent times so you believe that?

Me: No. India looked backward to them, sure. Certain practices of ours were cruel and inhumane - like Sati, Untouchability, etc. But we were just different. Why would I believe the British?

The Harappan civilization discovery itself shows that this land had one of the earliest civilizations. But yeah, it is important to acknowledge the social evils that developed along with Hindu belief system. If we acknowledge it, we can change it. That's all.

I don't know what you think you'll gain by continuing this argument and trying to change my mind. The fact is most people believe this bullshit which paints a rosier picture of our past than it actually was. My only problem with that is - if we absolve ourselves of our ancestor's bad practices, how will we bring positive change?

Now. I am done with this argument. If you want to say something in conclusion, do it. I mean you no ill will but before you ask people to radically change their point of view, be willing to explore their POV as well. (I have explored your POV before and that's why I know where I stand with respect to it.)

And that was the last I heard from him.

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