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Bigger Scam Than You Think (YouTube Video)

The recent revelation of the Electoral Bonds data brought forward some worrying trends – trends that indicate bribes for contracts, possible extortion through agency actions, and large-scale money laundering activity. But what makes the Bonds so sinister is that it gives the parties plausible deniability. And looking at how BJP controls all central investigative agencies, I doubt that any investigations will take place – not against BJP, at any cost.  So the question now is – why should YOU care? In a recent video, Nitin Gadkari proudly claimed that he had no dearth of money, and asserted that no contractor would ever accuse him of taking kickbacks. Now, people tend to forget things rather quickly, but it is common knowledge now that Megha Engineering is BJP’s largest contributor through Electoral Bonds and they were awarded huge contracts after donating to BJP. I pointed this out in the comments of this video and some BJP bhakts jumped in to defend their favorite party.  Their argumen

In The Name of Ram...

A while ago, I made a video questioning whether the Indian epics Ramayan and Mahabharat were historical events or mythology. It drew a lot of anger from a lot of people. The thing is – I was not always aware that I was an atheist. There was a time when I prayed to God as well – Lord Shiva actually. But I never believed the stories to be true or historical. I viewed them as mythology – which even if it ever happened, happened in some other realm or alternate reality. Because with what we know about science and our own development, we can safely assume that the magical elements in the holy books of all religions are just not possible. I thought everyone knew this – I thought everyone knew that these were stories – metaphorical mostly and meant to impart a moral lesson to the people. So, it was astonishing when a very close friend of mine became seriously offended because I questioned the authenticity of Mahabharat and hence, Shri Krishna in association.  I tried to reason with him, sayin

Deconstructing Hate & Brainwashing - Debate with a Netizen

I had a debate with a netizen over Instagram chats. It took a lot of mental strength to get through, so I thought I should share it with the world. I was fed up of people arguing over a simple comment on this post about the status of minorities in Pakistan and Bangladesh, where I had commented, “ This is why India has to be better and make a safe space for it’s minorities. We have to be better than those we criticize. We can’t use such people’s bad work to justify doing the same thing.”  Needless to say, my comment irked a lot of people. So, I shared it in a story for my followers to see…   This is when a netizen called Nikhil Agarwal replied to my story. He had been commenting on some other post where I had expressed some opinion. I vaguely remembered what he had said at this point. But his message against my story made his stance clear. Him: Look at the peaceful community Census. And if you are really researcher. Then read history India has been heavenly place for minorities for at

Why Fighting Propaganda is an Uphill Battle

I am an atheist from a Hindu Brahmin family. I do not like the BJP and their Hindutva agenda. I do not like Islam. I do not like Christianity. I do not like any religion. But I grew up learning about Hinduism – I thought the spiritual lessons of karma and doing good deeds were good lessons and worth following. I was not raised in a household that pushed any religion onto me – I was taught that all religions essentially teach the same thing – be good, do good. My earliest understanding of religion was that it was a practice in moral science aimed at keeping people kind and honest. “Who is the main God?” I once asked my folks, since my grandma’s pooja place had pictures of several gods. My grandfather explained it to me like this: “They are all the same. It is the human imagination that is unable to comprehend the concept of a creator and hence we choose to visualize them as Brahma, Vishnu & Maheshwar – with each entity handling a different task in the Universe. We have assigned name