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Those Melting Moments!!!

I know I have been missing in action for a while and that's because I was dealing with some personal crap. For the four or five people who read the shit that I write, I am back with the fourth installment to the Eric and Angela story. And for those who are joining just now, here's the link to Part 1 , Part 2 and Part 3 . Go play catch up before you read this. Or not. I can't tell you what to do.  *** Eric lay awake in his bed, reminiscing the events of that fateful night that he spent with Angela at that hotel. Had he been “just seeking sex”, he could have chalked that night as a win and moved on to the next conquest, but this guy wanted more, he wanted her heart and that’s why the following day felt more like a win than the night before. She was leaving, feeling dirty and repentant about their night together and Eric had broken down. Eric knew he had at least some claim to Angela’s heart when she decided to stay when he promised to keep it platonic.   Moreover


This is the second part of the “Eric & Angela” series. Click here for Part 1 . A million thoughts ran through his head when Eric drove six odd kilometers to meet Angela. She had mentioned that the cafĂ© they were meeting at was pretty close to where she lived, she preferred to walk. That is why she had chosen it for their first meeting. He had seen her pictures and he had heard her voice and they had talked to their heart's content but the two had not met yet. This was the fateful day, Eric thought to himself. The voice in his head often became a pompous news anchor and started narrating his own life to him when Eric got nervous.  “Eric being the neurotic son-of-a-bitch that he is, doesn’t want to be late for the first date. As Angela has reminded him thrice now, it isn’t a date. However, he is excited and has butterflies in his stomach, more than he had ever had before. In his excitement, Eric is trying to imagine what Angela looks like when he should be concentrating on the ro

Of Birds & Bees...

If you have read my earlier posts, you'd know that I have a rather liberated view about everything sexual. A certain friend and I have had quite a few heated arguments on this matter. She thinks that I advocate perversion in the name of an open mind. But I beg to differ. I just shun the misguidance that is propagated by our culture. I am writing this article after the government's recent attempted ban on porn. A lot has been said about that online, so I will not put up my views on that matter. Instead, I will talk about sex in general and the way our society looks at it. Right from an early age, we are directly or indirectly taught to think of anything related to sex as "bad/immoral". This, actually is the root of all evil, come to think of it. For instance, when you are asked to stay off junk food, that's when you crave it the most. The same applies to almost everything else. The only difference is that junk food is definitely harmful for us whereas sex i