Those Melting Moments!!!

I know I have been missing in action for a while and that's because I was dealing with some personal crap. For the four or five people who read the shit that I write, I am back with the fourth installment to the Eric and Angela story. And for those who are joining just now, here's the link to Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. Go play catch up before you read this. Or not. I can't tell you what to do. 


Eric lay awake in his bed, reminiscing the events of that fateful night that he spent with Angela at that hotel. Had he been “just seeking sex”, he could have chalked that night as a win and moved on to the next conquest, but this guy wanted more, he wanted her heart and that’s why the following day felt more like a win than the night before. She was leaving, feeling dirty and repentant about their night together and Eric had broken down. Eric knew he had at least some claim to Angela’s heart when she decided to stay when he promised to keep it platonic.
Moreover, Eric kept his promise, even though being in the same room and not touching her was sheer torture. They talked and talked and somehow, the awkwardness from the night  before almost disappeared by the time Angela left the following morning. However, parting from her was not painless. Eric checked out of the hotel and went to work directly. The whole day, he kept missing Angela, as if she had moved continents away while there she was just a few miles away, thinking about him. He did not know that yet.
So there he was the following night, lying in bed worrying that Angela might not want to see him again, even though she had assured him that she would. Eric was insecure and decided to give Angela space if that was what she wanted. Just then, Angela texted, “Hey, I wanted to tell you something. Don’t take this the wrong way. It is just a compliment.” Eric urged her to spill it. Then she told him this – “I like your fingers inside me.” Eric was not a naïve person and by that, I mean he had seen his share of the world but Angela somehow always managed to shake him. He really did not know how to reply to that.
Moments ago, he was worried that he might have been too overbearing for Angela and now she goes on and says something like that. The pause seemed to bother Angela because she quickly topped up by texting that it was not a big deal. Eric decided to take it easy and texted back, “Stop now. You said it. I heard it. Let us leave it at that.” She replied in the affirmative. Then Eric texted, trying to express how emotionally impactful the physical intimacy was for him, “I missed holding you in my arms last night. I just did it that one time but it felt like such a natural thing to do.”
Angela seemed to misunderstand this. She replied with a “Huh?” Eric cleared that he was talking about holding her in his arms. She went on to say that,she should not have told him what she did and Eric scampered around to convince her that what he said was not a response to what she said and was more of an emotional nature than physical. He ended his little explanation with a curt “Stop overthinking.” That seemed to piss Angela off and she responded by saying, “Do NOT take that tone with me.” Eric asked her how she read tone in his text. When she apologized for making that assumption, Eric complained, “I hate that you always misunderstand me, always start from a place of doubt when I say something.” He went on to say what he wanted to – “I want to stay around long enough to change your perception of me. I need you, To be with me. To see me the way I see you.”
“What if I can’t do it, Eric? I don’t want you wasting your time on a lost cause.” Angela was in a haze of self-doubt and she truly didn’t want to lead Eric on. What he said next melted her heart. “I think you’re worth taking chances for!” She replied, feeling mushy inside, “I am going to try, Eric. Thanks for taking a chance on me.” Eric knew he was breaking down her walls and it felt so good. He noticed that she started addressing him as “cupcake” more often and he loved it and he made sure she was aware that she was doing it. (Not someone who’d let an opportunity pass!) They texted incessantly for the next two days. And when they were free to talk, they called each other. Eric kept telling her how much he wanted her and with each passing moment, her response got more and more accepting. There was still doubt in her voice but she addressed him in a more endearing way than she did before and Eric loved every bit of it.
Three days later, it was pouring outside and Eric couldn’t go to work. He called Angela and expressed how badly he wanted to see her. The fact was that she wanted to see his as well. So when the rain subsided a little, she invited him to join her at a café near her place. The whole city was flooded due to the torrential rain and it took him a while to get a cab and reach Angela’s location. He felt so much better when he reached her. The rest of the day was littered with flirting and many many innuendos for some reason. Just like that, it was evening. Eric surreptitiously asked Angela if she wanted to go home with him and she said ‘yes’. They were back at Eric’s place in less than an hour.
The next three days were off for both of them and Eric hoped Angela would just stay with him. However, he also knew how uncertain that was. So he tried to manage his expectations. They were now seated on his bed and talking. Eric told her how he felt, maybe for the seven millionth time and she just said that she “planned to take it slow”. Eric pointed out to her that she should not hold herself to all plans and “sometimes just let life flow” and as he said this, he leaned on and kissed her lips. Passion took over the moment and they started kissing each other like there was no tomorrow. After a while, when the fervor had lessened a little, Angela seemed to hesitate as Eric pulled her close. Eric asked her to just “let go” and “let love take it’s course”. It was one of those tacky sounding things that people in love say and only people in love understand.
Angela melted in Eric’s arms the very next moment. And then they made love. Sweet agonizing love. Something had changed and Eric knew it. This was so different than the last time and he was amazed at how Angela looked into his eyes while he was inside her. Instinctively, he knew she was all his now. When they were spent and in each other’s arms, sweaty and content, they sealed that moment with a long lingering kiss and while not a lot of words were said, both were amazed at how things had moved. In the next three days, they cooked, talked, joked, ate, slept and made love, several times. There was no hesitation, no awkwardness, just bliss. She wore his t-shirts and nothing else and he was “grabby and cute”, which was going to be “their thing”.

Yes, they'd have a "thing", several "things" actually and yes, it would be awesome but there's more to this story than that. Unlike what fairy tales have led you to believe, real love stories are not all roses and rainbows. There's grit and conflict and loads of drama too. Stay tuned to this space to find out what happened next!


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