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Why Am I Here?

I have been feeling lonely lately. Let me rephrase that: I have been pretty lonely lately. And this isn't just any loneliness, it's existential loneliness. In simple words, I've been feeling like I have no one and nothing to live for. Just today, after many days of hectic work, I found some time to sit back and relax, and I found myself searching for the purpose of life - on YouTube, like the lost millennial that I am. I came across some videos by Sadhguru and the like, but they were way too vague for my taste. You see, my question isn't existential or figurative, its more literal. I am looking for a reason to live, and I don't see one. I am just curious to know, what do people live for? What is the whole purpose of us being here? See, I have always been a bit of a skeptic, never bought into the concept of a deity or a higher power. And in the last few years, I lost most of the people I felt connected to. Wasn't all to Death, so don't be sorry for me.

The "Chase" - A Wacky Conspiracy Theory

For all of you, who came here expecting a suspense thriller, sorry to disappoint. This blog is about courtship and the intricacies one faces when courting a lady. Now it is an established fact that the beginning stages of any romantic relationship, the part where a man tries to woo a woman, are the most exciting ones of all. A man 'chasing' a woman is extremely driven and highly motivated. Now, irrespective of whether his intentions are good or shady, the 'chase' is usually fun for both the people involved. This is the stage of the mushy messages and googly eyes, this is when the guy defies reason just to get a glimpse of her. It is a wonderful time. But once the 'chase' is over, the real test of a relationship begins. While some crash and burn, others go on to become legends. But let's talk about the chase a little more. Why is the chase so fulfilling? The answer lies in the human brain. You see, hope is a big motivator for man and it has been so since

16 Dates with a Gold Digger

You know how some people have such profound effect on your life that you associate certain things with them forever? Yeah, that was the case with this girl and Vasant Kunj. I’d forever associate Vasant Kunj with her. She calls herself Archie, her parents call her Achu, she’s Archana on the dotted line, but for me, she’ll forever be “the Gold-digger of Vasant Kunj”. See how I copied Vladimir Nabokov’s prose style? Yeah, this one deserves Lolita-level luscious language. (Also killing it with the alliteration. Ha ha.) Before I dive into the story, let me introduce myself. I stand at about five feet nine, have a very sharp nose and a lean body. I grew up in an orthodox Jaat family till about the age of twelve after which my father moved to Delhi and got me admitted into a convent school. Halleluiah for that! So understandably, I am a confused soul, sophisticated in some aspects and earthy in others. I usually speak in a faux British accent, slipping into Haryanvi when using Hindi wo

Of Break Ups & Rebound…

You hear about break ups and rebounds almost everyday. A rebound is when you prematurely get into a relationship after having broken up with your former partner. Thats the Indian definition. Coz I believe an american would go and have one or more one-night stands as a form of rebound. There could be various explanations to why people get into rebound relationships. Maybe it is a pathetic attempt to mimic the level of comfort they had with their former partner. Or maybe it is just as a way to spite their ex. Irrespective of the reason, getting into a “rebound relationship” is the worst thing one could possibly do. I am not saying one-night stands are healthy, they are not, but at least they don’t have such dire consequences. (Unless of course, if you knock a girl up during a one-night stint.) But India being such a sexually oppressed place, we choose to get into a new full-fledged relationship to get over a messy break up. And a whole lot of mess entails. Running int